Menterprise 1.6.1

G'day all, today we've released the first patch for 1.6.


  • Link Module 2.0
    • Fine-grain control of the amount of links
    • Use your own keywords and placement if needed
    • Use a mix of naturally occurring or manual links
    • Export as CSV with HTML already included + more


  • Added export options to the Link module
  • Increased Header Template size limit from 3,000 to 20,000


  • Monthly word-limit display has been improved slightly
  • Icon spacing has improved

Menterprise 1.6.0

G'day all, today we've just released our second major release of Menterprise 🍾

As per the 'ushe, we'll gradually (over the next week or so) create dedicated change-log and help center posts about the new features, but for now I'll summarize them here:


  • Automatic Scraping

    • Automatically scrape headers, images and videos when you generate pages
    • 6 clicks down to 1
    • Just toggle "AUTO" on the module and it'll do the rest for you
  • Image Scraping Validation & HTTPS

    • Menterprise now validates all images scraped to ensure your images are correct
    • Automatically removes 404, 403 or other invalid images for you
    • Optionally enable Force HTTPS to force images to use HTTPS and remove those that don't (plus, Google loves HTTPS!)
  • Copy & Export Modules

    • Export headers, images, videos, links, keywords as Spintax to your clipboard or .csv
    • Save videos as embed URLs in Spintax or .csv formats
  • Store Header Templates in the Cloud

    • One-click save and two-click load, all within the Headers module
    • Store up to 50* at a time


  • Copy spun titles moved to Export > Spun Titles (see above)


  • Image/Video Scraping now scrapes a more correct number
  • Certain characters scraped were breaking pages, especially when scraping contracts
  • A few bugs in the Sandbox

Wham. Another version bites the dust - and we're not slowing down! We've got more cool stuff planned in the further 1.6.x updates, so stay tuned 😉

* Header Template storage holds the same as Past Generations Storage. Example: Lite stores 2 and Extreme stores 50.

Menterprise 1.5.9


  • Export the Header Module's Spintax to a .csv (check under "Send result to…")
  • "Disable HTML" option added the the Headers options


  • RAW Template List Input now supports large text blocks


  • Past generations seed keyword tooltip wasn't displaying properly

Menterprise 1.5.8

This patch mainly includes some tweaks and bug-fixes. Don't worry, no insect puns here (they bug me!) 🐛


  • RAW CTA template 2.0


  • Disabling Spintax is now more obvious
  • Changed how previews are rendered, reducing memory needed


  • Scraped images now showing thumbnails properly

Menterprise 1.5.7

You know what time it is… patch time!


  • Added percentage-left word counter to preferences (thanks Derek!)


  • Content Generation Algorithm to 1.2 (read about it here)


  • .ZIP custom exports not behaving correctly (thanks Michael!)

Content Generation 1.2

We've recently pushed live the latest patch to the internal content generation algorithm.

What's changed

  • Less artefacts
  • Faster generation
  • More content for the same keywords
  • No more "BEST X IN THE BUSINESSAnd here we see…" titles creeping in
  • Better paragraph sizing

… and a few more nerd things that we won't bore you with 🤓

If you see anything out of the normal, do tell us. We're always improving the algorithm! 🔧

Thanks again to the users who outlined some of these problems and worked with us in fixing them!

Keyword Module 🔑

Adding keywords in a natural way just got easier (and automated). Introducing the Keyword Module.

Enter your keywords and choose an amount

You can have as many keywords as you'd like as they're spun in-content.

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 1.59.14 pm.png

The Result

The Keywords Module places text in a few different ways, a few notable ones are:

  • …sentence (keyword).
  • …sentence. keyword.
  • …sentence - keyword.

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 1.57.49 pm.png "cheapest drone hire" (the keyword in this example) underlined in grey

As always, feedback is welcome. We're kicking around some more ideas on how to add functionality to this, but we couldn't wait any longer to release it!

Automatic Table of Contents

We just published the Automatic Table of Contents improvement to the Headers module and we're really excited to share it with you!

Tick a box and away you go

At the bottom of the Headers module there's now a new checkbox; enable it to generate a Table of Contents inter linked automatically to the headers placed in your page! Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 3.25.00 pm.png

An example

The Table of Contents now links to each header generated on the page: Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 7.50.02 pm.png

What Google wants

Table of Contents provide Google information on "named anchors" - things that provide Jump To links on the SERPs:

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 3.34.57 pm.png

Note: Since the headers are Spintax, their names may not always align - however, this doesn't affect the linking whatsoever.

Image Alignments

G'day all. We've just released Image Alignments for the Image Module. This improvement makes images in posts look much more natural.

An example of alignments:

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 1.52.36 pm.png

Just check "Align images inline to text"!

Then, choose what type of alignment.

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 1.52.47 pm.png

Thanks again to our users who suggested this! 🍻

Link Module 🔗

Hi all, we're happy to introduce the fully-functioning Link Module! We initially teased it back in our 1.5 update post.

The Link module allows you to put one (or a hundred) links that will be spun through the article and placed naturally.

No More "click here" or "check this out"

All links are placed in realistic places, based on the source content and their (now spun) anchor texts.

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 1.28.39 pm.png

Adjust Quantity of Links

Lowering the percentage keeps a natural-looking fraction of the original amount.

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 1.27.24 pm.png

This is an Advanced Module, so only Expert and Extreme users have access to it. You can see the other advanced modules and the pricing here.