Content 1.7.5

G'day all, a small one today (but don't worry, we've got some big things coming soon..!)


  • More Robust Cache
    • We've upgraded the cache used within browsers to save your modules
    • Fixes the saving issue for users with 1000's of images/videos/keywords/headers


  • Copy Script on Redirect Module
    • Just like in the other modules, you're able to now copy the redirect script
    • Useful for MPUB users who want to add redirects AFTER content has been posted
    • Works with all delays and links

Thanks to our users for these two suggestions!

Publishing 0.4.1b

G'day all, a small update today with a big impact! Variables have come to titles and slugs! ✨


  • Use Variables in Titles/Slugs¹
    • Use [[variables]] in the titles, dynamic just like in the content!
    • When you launch your campaign, it'll automatically create slugs USING the variables, too!
    • Great for pages on local sites, or utilise the benefits of per-row/per-node variables!

¹ Please note that slugs do not update on subsequent updates of variables. To use them fully, all variables needed must be available at the time of creation. This is to prevent 404s, broken links, and loss of traffic/indexation.

Content 1.7.4

G'day all, bug-fixes and two new (very cool) features today!


  • Lock Links to Keywords in Link Module

    • Create sets of links bound to keywords
    • Automatically creates spintax of bound sets
    • One to one, one to many, many to one and many to many sets all possible now
    • To use: Enable Custom -> Enable Lock URLs to Keywords Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 11.30.50 am.png
  • Seperate Keyword Sets per-page in Keywords Module

    • Create spintax for keywords and use specific ones per-page
    • Automatically done per set of spintax
    • To use: Tick "Use one row per page" Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 11.32.09 am.png


  • Various bug-fixes

Publishing 0.4.1

G'day all, first patch of 0.4 starts off with a few updates and a bunch of tweaks!


  • Select All in Destination views
  • Applying new campaign targets now reflects properly
  • Previewing diagram now shows new target distributions
  • Category meta on sites now includes information about the category


  • Some site 404 pages weren't sending proper 404 codes
  • Improved the campaign post loading times drastically

Publishing 0.4.0

G'day all, today marks the latest and fourth minor release of Menterprise Publishing! We've got some exciting stuff in this one, and it's opened a few doors for some upcoming feature patches we have planned!


  • Subdomain/Site Variables
    • Use variables like Campaign Variables for entire sites!
    • Use [[brackets]] like any other variable
    • Update at any point and automatically update all pages
    • Great for talking about a specific topic or location per site
  • Add to Existing Destination Group when creating Subdomains
    • Select any of your pre-existing Destination Groups when creating subs to add them to it
    • Automatically merges the two and de-duplicates any overlap
    • Actual magic
  • Subdomain Creation Variable XREF
    • Create a list of cities, states, or more and create subdomains for them
    • Automatically assign subdomain variables (see above) based on each row
    • Use [nameofvariable] in the title, niche, and subdomain to create relevant info
    • Paste in from Excel or any other list
    • See image below

Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 11.11.20 am.png


  • Selected destinations now sort to the top when viewing a Destination Group
  • View the diagram name used when previewing the diagram of a campaign (new campaigns only)


  • Domain registration would break when typing in capitals
  • Further tweaks to performance

Publishing 0.3.9

G'day all, today I'm putting together a list of what we've released/tweaked/fixed over the last 2 weeks. You may already have used some of these, but here they are!


  • Category/Post Site Structure
    • Configure your sites to use Category/Post structure
    • All linking within the platform will automatically update
    • instead of
    • Edit Subdomain -> Structure -> Category/Post
  • Create Random Diagram
    • Edit Diagram -> Three Dots -> Randomize Diagram
    • Random tiers, targets, parents and layout


  • Root domain directory was slow, it's been improved to sub-second
  • Mega-menu on sites was showing on mobile
  • Creating subdomains sometimes bugged out leaving domains with invalid counts
  • Campaign Diagrams weren't saving all the time
  • Updating destination groups didn't work all the time
  • A few MPSS bugfixes
  • Total Posts on subdomains now loads 4x faster

Publishing 0.3.8

G'day all, we've pushed a whole load of patches recently and thought we'd wait for a cool-down period before creating the changelog post; so here it is!


  • Apply New Campaign Targets
    • Easily change Tier A pages to link to new targets, any time you want
    • Product or site changed? Redirect a campaign's linkjuice from one to another with 2 clicks


  • MPSS 2.0
  • Upgraded Campaign Distribution
    • Spread to any or all of the domains, subdomains, categories selected, per page!
    • An upgrade from the previous per-node system
    • Much better randomity of distribution
  • Total Pages per Site
    • View sites with the most, least, or no pages on them
    • Easily clean up unused sites


  • Featured-site domains now properly sitemap to their subs regardless
  • Pages without proper content were breaking some sites
  • Sites not sorting the right posts occasionally
  • Various UI tweaks
  • A few typos that snuck through our last proofreading sesh

MPSS 2.0

Menterprise Publishing Spintax Syntax (MPSS) (doesn't exactly roll of the tongue, but at least it rhymes) is getting an overhaul again. We're constantly improving it, and adding more MPSS features to Content as well, so here's the latest upgrades!

Introducing: Variables, Static Variables and Ignore Tags! Each of these can be used as much or as little as you like. Here's how to use them:



(since 1.0) Variables contain spintax, or anything else. The value is then used wherever the variable is used, and then spun. Menterprise Content uses this to reduce the size of spintax by changing re-used spintax to variables.


Define: [=spin]{My|Your} {Awesome|Great} Spintax[/spin]

Use: [#spin]


Example 1


[=spin]{My|Your} {Awesome|Great} Spintax[/spin]


<h1>My Great Spintax</h1>
<h2>your Awesome Spintax</h2>



Static Variables

Unlike normal variables, Static Variables are spun once and then repeated. This is great for things like cities or locations, where you want your content to talk about the same thing consistently.


Define: [@=city]{New York|Boston|DC}[/spin]

Use: [@city]


Example 1


[@=city]{New York|Boston|DC}[/spin]
<h1>All About [@city]</h1>
Content about [@city]
<h2>Top Things to Do In [@city]</h2>


<h1>All About New York</h1>
Content about New York
<h2>Top Things to Do In New York</h2>

Notice it's all New York? Because @city was spun out to New York once, and then used  each time. If you were to spin it again, you may get DC or Boston, but every occurance would be the same. Hence, it's "static".



Ignore Tags

Put in stuff you don't want spun. Super useful for Javascript code with curly braces {}.


[!ignore] stuff [/ignore]


Example 1

Input: [!ignore]My Title | The Best[/ignore]

Normal spintax (non-MPSS): [!ignore]My Title

MPSS: My Title | The Best

Example 2

Input: [!ignore] t = { k: true }; if(t.k){ alert('hi!') } [/ignore]

Normal spintax (non-MPSS): [!ignore] t = k: true ; if(t.k) alert('hi!') [/ignore]

MPSS: t = { k: true }; if(t.k){ alert('hi!') }

Alright! That's it for now. We're really excited about the opportunities MPSS can bring. We finally have the freedom to provide the ultimate experience (because we develop both platforms!)

Content 1.7.3

G'day all, today we're adding a seriously smart feature to Content that will help when using Publishing! (also, from now on updates to Menterprise Content will be called "Content" instead of "Menterprise")


  • MPSS (Menterprise Publishing Spintax Syntax) Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 3.25.18 pm.png
    • Automatically reduces size of Spintax by up to 80%+
    • Integrates directly with Menterprise Publishing (see post here)
    • Since it's smaller, less freezing and faster copying


  • Various speed improvements to past-generations

We're working on adding further abilities to this, like integrating it with nested Spintax, exports, etc :)

Publishing 0.3.7

G'day all, today we're adding some seriously smart feature to both platforms that we hope will make things easier and faster (also fixing bugs along the way)!


  • MPSS (Menterprise Publishing Spintax Syntax)
    • Automatically reduces size of Spintax by up to 80%+
    • Integrates directly with Menterprise Content (see post here)
    • Since it's smaller, less freezing and faster copying
  • In-Platform Domain-to-Domain Transfer
    • With two clicks transfer all posts, categories and subdomains to another domain
    • Automatically updates and retains linking to-and-from original domain
    • You can transfer multiple domains' data to a single domain (if needed)


  • Pages without linking opportunities were 404-ing, now fixed

Thanks to our users who suggested these and of course for finding the bugs we've fixed 😊