Menterprise 1.5.5

It's that time again – patch time! 1.5.5 introduces mostly bug-fixes along with some backend preparation for two new features (stay tuned πŸ˜‰).


  • Protected keywords now works for everyone
  • Images are placed more reliably

Menterprise 1.5.4

G'day all, we've just pushed our latest patch, 1.5.4. After some downtimes recently we've completed some of our algorithm changes along with fixing some bugs found by users.


  • Better search algorithm (should see speed improvements!)


  • RAW module section drag now doesn't ruin text selection
  • A few exports weren't working as intended and are now fixed
  • A few preferences based bugs

Menterprise 1.5.3

G'day all, we've just pushed our latest patch, 1.5.3. This introduces some swanky new features (we'll dedicate posts to them later) and some bug-fixes (as usual πŸ˜‰).


  • Custom Exports
  • User Badges
  • Paragraph Wrapping
  • Subscription Pausing


  • Various UI to make it easier to use on a tablet (i.e iPad)


  • Bugs in the module-less export
  • Re-subscribing wasn't working as intended, this has been fixed

Menterprise 1.5.2

We've just pushed our latest patch, 1.5.2. This fixes the majority of bugs the Link module introduced.

We've fixed:

  • Paragraphs being split weirdly
  • Random links appearing in content
  • Better word-count calculations

Thanks again to our users for reporting these, cheers to you! 🍻

Re-Order Modules

Ever wanted that Google Map at the top of your article? Or a h-tag above videos, but below images? Me too. And now you can do it with Module Ordering!

Just drag and drop modules into the order you'd like! 40e5aa33b2e30a139401d64291ecdece.gif

Then, as you can see, you can change the order at which things are placed:

Images before headers:

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 8.02.38 pm.png

Images after headers:

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 8.02.54 pm.png

ViolΓ ! Simple as that!

Menterprise 1.5.1

G'day all, today we're releasing a minor update that encompasses a bunch of bug-fixes, along with some content generation improvements:



  • You can now re-order Raw sections
  • You can now change the position of Images (left, center, right and random)
  • Removes [1] or [2] etc from articles
  • EXTREME Members now get 50 past generations
  • Failure to embed images / videos now has a placeholder image


  • The Link module introduced some bugs which have now been fixed
  • A few artefacts crept into some content; these have been cleaned out

Menterprise 1.5

G'day all, today we've just released our latest major update of Menterprise.

We'll gradually (over the next week or so) create dedicated changelog and help-center posts about the new features, but for now I'll summarize them here (I just couldn't wait!):


  • Live Module Preview
    • See module changes before you apply them, in the module itself
    • Choose from dummy content or any of the generated pages to preview against
    • See how headers or images stack up to your content, or see the Replacer (or any other module) work live
  • Link Module
    • Automatically add links to articles with a seriously smart algorithm
    • Relevant link placement (not just highlighting random words)
    • Choose what density of links to place (great for affiliate marketing!)
  • Track (and re-use) Past Generations
    • Depending on your plan, up to 25 of your previous generations are stored
    • Re-use in one click; choose from the history list and wham
    • Computer crashed? No problem – Menterprise will save your module progress and (if it finished) the last run
  • Preserve Keywords/Terms
    • Stop Menterprise spinning certain keywords / terms
  • Dashboard walkthroughs
    • Re-do, at any time, a dashboard walkthrough
    • Learn how to use (and re-use) modules
    • Get a helping-hand on how to do a REAL run
  • Module walkthroughs
    • Re-do, at any time, module walkthroughs
    • Learn how to master the Headers, Images and Videos module with in-depth interactive step-by-step guides
  • Copy page as nested Spintax
    • One-click to copy the visible articles as nested Spintax
    • Less click-to-tick


  • Dark mode improved
    • Easier on the eyes
    • More visually consistent
    • Cooler 😎
  • Word count UI changed
    • Easier to understand
    • Takes less space
  • Better approximate word-count for pages
    • Understand your pages better
  • Drag-and-reorder RAW template variables
    • Choose what order (or priority) your template inputs have
  • Improved subscription-management portal


  • Fixed various RAW template bugs
  • More robust hidden/shown functionality
  • Betten generation algorithm
  • Fixed a few timed Redirect bugs


  • "Regenerate" modules is now "Re-apply"

…phew. I'm already tired from typing all that up, and that's not even all of it. Stay tuned for more in-depth changelog and help-center entries about these features!

Increased Browser Support

We've noticed a handful of users trying to use Menterprise with legacy browsers, and it breaking. We've resolved this and increased Menterprise's browser compatibility.

Timed Redirect


The Redirect module is a powerful tool for mass-page building and launch-jacking. It enables you to create a snippet that, when a user lands on a blog, is instantly taken to a money-site (for example).

Now, with Delay options, you can let Google index your blogs, and time the activation for the redirects. You could use this to rank blog-posts, then, in 2 weeks time, start redirecting real traffic to your money-site, affiliate product, etc.


To use the module, click on the module:

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 1.25.43 pm.png

Then, input a URL to redirect to and (optionally) a delay for activation: Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 1.23.23 pm.png

Click "OK" to save, and regenerate pages as needed.

Just like that, any user that lands on the page will be taken to the Redirect Target you've set – no coding required.

One-Click YouTube Video Scraping

Just like one-click image scraping, one-click video scraping is all about saving time.

1. Import

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 1.11.51 pm.png

We use your Seed Keyword (we're using "New York lawyers") to find relevant YouTube videos...

2. Choose

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 1.12.06 pm.png

Select videos you'd like to insert...

3. Profit

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 1.12.37 pm.png

Then, use the Videos module like you would normally!

Again, easy as 1-2-3 – literally.