Menterprise news
Menterprise news

Publishing 0.6.8





G'day all! Couple bug fixes today!


  • Improved subdomain loading/sorting/searching/pagination in the dashboard


  • Campaigns weren't persisting some updates since the latest update
  • Destination groups were showing the wrong counts since the latest update
  • Destination group's selected items weren't sorted to the top since the latest update, now they are again
  • Destination IDs now show up properly when viewing a campaign's pages

Publishing 0.6.7





G'day all! Got a few new performance changes!


  • Campaigns are now rendered differently in the dashboard
  • Posts are now rendered differently in the dashboard
  • Subdomains in the dashboard have been improved

Let us know how you go! We're testing a few new ways of getting better performance :)

Publishing Database Upgraded





G'day all, today I'm going to talk about the database upgrade that just finished. Firstly, we want to say thanks to all users of Menterprise Publishing who waited patiently for the update to complete. Everyone was kind and it made the whole process a lot less stressful!

Personally, I'm ready for a week-long nap right about now!


Other than more tools for us developers to use, we are seeing increases in page speed, dashboard speed, security and storage stability!

Why now?

Other than speed/storage improvements, we're heading into some more major updates in Publishing that were limited by our previous database engine/version. We didn't want to limit ourselves, so we upgraded.

Tech info

We transferred around 1TB of data and tens of millions of pages, hundreds of thousands of sites and, of course, everything else. Also, we've transitioned from a 2 DB server setup to a 3 DB server setup for increased speed and resistance to downtime.

What's next?

As for the database, nothing much other than some tweaks and improvements, none of which will require any more lockdowns of the dashboard.

Again, thanks for your patience everyone! More features coming soon… so keep an eye out ;)

Publishing 0.6.6





G'day all! Simple mode gets an advanced feature today :)


  • Easy Tier Selection for Content and Titles
    • Easily select what tiers use what content/titles
    • No longer available only in Advanced
    • Just add more than 1 title/content part and (optionally) select what tiers!
  • Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 1.50.49 pm.png


  • Added renaming to Title parts (previously only available for Content parts)
  • Improved destination group dropdown selection, searching and speed!
  • Increased the maximum size for campaign prepend/appends from 50kb to 500kb


  • Campaign variable duplication errors
  • Destination group drop-downs wouldn't update automatically when creating new destination groups
  • "Add to" section wasn't working when creating subdomains

Publishing 0.6.5c






  • Some specific destination group drop-downs were broken since the last minor update

Content 1.8d






  • An invalid Spintax issue was introduced with the last algorithm change (CG 1.3). This has been fixed now, and the overall stability of Spintax has been improved as well!

Publishing 0.6.5b






  • Sometimes destination groups would bug out campaign launching

Page Configuration Variables





G'day all! Today we've released the beginnings of a new set of features, "Page Configuration Variables"!


The general idea is to let users customize more areas of the page on a per-page basis. This especially benefits users who use non-English languages and want to further configure the pages to support those languages.

And of course it supports Spintax, MPSS and MPub variables!

Note, this is only the beginning, there are more coming. Also, this is currently limited to the pages themselves and not the homepages/category pages.

How to Use


Example 1 - Change the HTML language of the page to German:


<html lang="en">

On-page (the actual configuration variable):



<html lang="de">

Example 2 - Change the meta description and meta og:description:


<meta data-hid="description" name="description" content="Page Title | Subdomain Title">
<meta data-hid="og:description" name="og:description" property="og:description" content="Page Title | Subdomain Title">

On-page (the actual configuration variable):



<meta data-hid="description" name="description" content="Hello!">
<meta data-hid="og:description" name="og:description" property="og:description" content="Hello!">

All Currently Available Properties

  • lang¹
  • title
Nav Buttons
  • button.home
  • button.categories
Page Text
  • page.latest-posts
  • page.published
  • page.more-from
  • page.table-of-contents
  • page.all-categories
  • meta.theme-color
  • meta.og:type
  • meta.description
  • meta.og:title
  • meta.og:site_name
  • meta.og:description

¹The dates on the page will be automatically translated when lang is set.


Q: Can I use it in the Campaign Prepend/Append?
A: Absolutely!

Q: Do replacements work on the text? For example, can I change "lang=es" to "lang=en" later?
A: They do!

Q: Can I use variables to easily change different parts later?
A: You can! Do it like this: [lang=[[variable]]] and set variable to something later

Q: Where do I put it?
A: Anywhere! Like MPSS, it's just on-page text at the end of the day. Personally, I put things like this in the RAW Module when working with Menterprise Content.

Q: Does this work retroactively?
A: Yes! It is dynamic, therefore you can easily update past campaigns with the prepend/append as mentioned above :)

This update is just the start, there are more properties we want to make available, if you have any ideas let us know!

Publishing 0.6.5







  • Cleaned up the content/titles window
  • Changed the defaults in the campaign to make it easier to understand


  • Various typos and some UI inconsistencies
  • Users with large destination groups were experiencing slow downs. We've re-designed how we manage them to increase performance
  • We've temporarily disabled "tag searching" in campaigns as it was affecting performance (we will bring it back though!)

Content 1.8c






  • Adjusted some Language Filters
  • Images, Videos and Headers are now scraped with better language accuracy when Language Filters are enabled