Menterprise news
Menterprise news

Publishing 0.6.2

G'day all! More performance/bugfixes today!


  • Updated the publishing site's rendering algorithm to speed them up even further!


  • Large campaigns wouldn't save as draft
  • Drafts would sometimes show up as duplicates
  • Subdomain export wasn't working properly for some users

Publishing 0.6.1

G'day all! Some bugfixes today :)


  • Featured pages sometimes wouldn't "stick"
  • Better draft duplication algorithm
  • Moved draft content to speed up web dashboard
  • Fixed the launch campaign button launching an outdated dialog

Publishing 0.6

G'day all! Today we have the long-awaited arrival of campaign drafts in Publishing!


  • Campaign Drafts Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 11.03.10 am.png

    • Keep the content, destinations, diagram and variables in every campaign you create
    • Autosaves too, so you don't even have to save it yourself!
    • Edit or duplicate drafts, and duplicate published campaigns with all their content!
  • Featured Posts

    • Select posts to be featured on the homepages


  • Some performance issues
  • Destination groups occasionally not saving correctly

Content 1.7.5c

G'day all! MPSS previews finally arrive today :)


  • MPSS previews
    • Preview what Menterprise Publishing will create more accurately
    • Test MPSS variables easily
    • Supports all MPSS features (except Pick variables, for performance reasons)

If you're unfamiliar with MPSS click the link above to learn more!

Publishing 0.5.3

G'day all, some further MPSS integration and bugfixes today!


  • Custom snippets Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 8.07.09 am.png
    • Add snippets to your content to control what shows up in the TLDR of a post
    • Great for SEO as the snippets show up in the meta on Google (and others)
    • Add in keywords, campaign/site variables, MPSS variables, all custom (and live)!
  • MPSS¹ in campaign titles
    • Use normal or static variables in the titles based on the content selected
    • Automatically generates the slug including these variables too
    • Keeps the static variables consistent between the title and the article


  • New chat window security has been implemented
  • Fixed a bug when featuring www and redirecting it resulting in a loop

¹ Note, the MPSS in campaign titles is only for variables, static variables and ignore variables. It does not yet support pick variables.

Publishing 0.5.2

G'day all, improvements and a new MPSS feature today!


  • MPSS 2.5
    • Added "Pick" variables
    • Useful for creating sets of things per-page
  • Campaign creation algorithm now tries harder to uniquely post pages to selected destination groups making duplicates much less likely
  • Publishing campaigns with 2 or more tiers now handles dates better - reducing the recency bias of tiers 2+


  • A few site issues
  • SSL upgrades

MPSS 2.5

We're constantly improving it, and adding more MPSS features to Content as well, so here's the latest upgrades!

Introducing: Pick variables! MPSS now includes Pick variables, Variables, Static Variables and Ignore Tags! Each of these can be used as much or as little as you like. Here's how to use them:



(since 1.0) Variables contain spintax, or anything else. The value is then used wherever the variable is used, and then spun. Menterprise Content uses this to reduce the size of spintax by changing re-used spintax to variables.


Define: [=spin]{My|Your} {Awesome|Great} Spintax[/spin]

Use: [#spin]


Example 1


[=spin]{My|Your} {Awesome|Great} Spintax[/spin]


<h1>My Great Spintax</h1>
<h2>your Awesome Spintax</h2>



Static Variables

(since 2.0) Unlike normal variables, Static Variables are spun once and then repeated. This is great for things like cities or locations, where you want your content to talk about the same thing consistently.


Define: [@=city]{New York|Boston|DC}[/spin]

Use: [@city]


Example 1


[@=city]{New York|Boston|DC}[/spin]
<h1>All About [@city]</h1>
Content about [@city]
<h2>Top Things to Do In [@city]</h2>


<h1>All About New York</h1>
Content about New York
<h2>Top Things to Do In New York</h2>

Notice it's all New York? Because @city was spun out to New York once, and then used  each time. If you were to spin it again, you may get DC or Boston, but every occurance would be the same. Hence, it's "static".



Pick Variables

(since 2.5) Unlike normal variables and static variables, Pick variables introduce a way of creating "sets" of Spintax that can be used within the page. This is great for multiples of things - a good mix between the Static variables and normal variables.



Choice {1|2|3}
Choice {A|B|C}

Use: [&example]


Example 1


Choice {1|2|3}
Choice {A|B|C}

My choice is: [&example]
My choice is: [&example]
My choice is: [&example]


My choice is: Choice 2
My choice is: Choice 3
My choice is: Choice 1


My choice is: Choice A
My choice is: Choice C
My choice is: Choice B

Notice how in each example, there's a different set of Spintax results? That's because MPSS chooses one of the choices from the pick statement and uses that!



Ignore Tags

(since 2.0) Put in stuff you don't want spun. Super useful for Javascript code with curly braces {}.


[!ignore] stuff [/ignore]


Example 1

Input: [!ignore]My Title | The Best[/ignore]

Normal spintax (non-MPSS): [!ignore]My Title

MPSS: My Title | The Best

Example 2

Input: [!ignore] t = { k: true }; if(t.k){ alert('hi!') } [/ignore]

Normal spintax (non-MPSS): [!ignore] t = k: true ; if(t.k) alert('hi!') [/ignore]

MPSS: t = { k: true }; if(t.k){ alert('hi!') }

Alright! That's it for now. We're really excited about the opportunities MPSS can bring. We finally have the freedom to provide the ultimate experience (because we develop both platforms!)

Content 1.7.5b

G'day all! Tiny one today :)


  • Past generations not loading when the "Open your last run when you login" preference is enabled for some users
  • A few typos

Publishing 0.5.1

G'day all! We're continuing to improve our categories management, this time with bulk adding!


  • Bulk Add Categories to Subdomains
    • Create as many categories as needed and add them to as many subdomains as needed at once!
    • Automatically add to, or create a new, destination group containing the new categories
    • Post to specific categories in bulk (enabling easier silo-structured sites)
    • Use in conjunction with the combined categories view for ultimate power!


  • Overhauled domain and subdomain menus


  • More typos
  • A few bugs have been squashed from the last update

Publishing 0.5.0

G'day all, a big one today!


  • Bulk view/search/select Categories on a domain Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 10.34.24 am.png

    • Easily select similar categories across all sites in a domain
    • Select in bulk, or specific ones for your purpose
    • No need to drill into each site
  • Edit the Meta of a root domain Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 10.32.17 am.png

    • No need to feature a subdomain and edit the meta on the site; just add meta HTML directly to the root domain!
    • Makes it easier to get approved by ad companies, trackers, and more
    • Add anything to the <head>!
  • Create custom files to host on root and subdomains Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 10.21.50 am.png

    • Add text, html, css, JS and JSON
    • Add it to either the root domain or subdomains (or both!)
    • Create custom paths and paste in the text
  • Export subdomains (from a domain and destination group) Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 10.33.44 am.png

    • One-click export all sites from a domain or destination group
    • See the title, URL and structure, along with the total posts on each site
    • Name the export whatever you'd like
  • Check out the new /feed-full for your RSS content needs


  • Domain creation now allows multi-level TLDs (,
  • Added tooltip explaining Niche when creating sites


  • The AMP pages have been refined to work with latest standards
  • Typos
  • Security