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Menterprise news

Better Exports + New Template





After popular demand, we've added .csv, .zip export and a GMB template!

ZIP & CSV Export

Some of our power-users wanted to import directly into their publishing softwares. Our solution? Bulk .csv and .zip exports:


GMB Template + Templates Overhaul

We've added a GMB template and re-skinned the template picker.

P.S: We're working on some big things for the raw templates… so stay tuned ;)


Other changes

  • Moved "Copy HTML" to the Copy chevron and added <br> exports: Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 4.59.46 pm.png

As usual, our devs have been hard-at-work squashing bugs, too:

  • Fixed header template typo
  • Improved engine speed (users are seeing 20%+ speed improvements)
  • Fixed NAP options not being optional (you can now leave out phone, etc)
  • Various other behind-the-scenes bugfixes