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Menterprise news

Menterprise 1.5





G'day all, today we've just released our latest major update of Menterprise.

We'll gradually (over the next week or so) create dedicated changelog and help-center posts about the new features, but for now I'll summarize them here (I just couldn't wait!):


  • Live Module Preview
    • See module changes before you apply them, in the module itself
    • Choose from dummy content or any of the generated pages to preview against
    • See how headers or images stack up to your content, or see the Replacer (or any other module) work live
  • Link Module
    • Automatically add links to articles with a seriously smart algorithm
    • Relevant link placement (not just highlighting random words)
    • Choose what density of links to place (great for affiliate marketing!)
  • Track (and re-use) Past Generations
    • Depending on your plan, up to 25 of your previous generations are stored
    • Re-use in one click; choose from the history list and wham
    • Computer crashed? No problem – Menterprise will save your module progress and (if it finished) the last run
  • Preserve Keywords/Terms
    • Stop Menterprise spinning certain keywords / terms
  • Dashboard walkthroughs
    • Re-do, at any time, a dashboard walkthrough
    • Learn how to use (and re-use) modules
    • Get a helping-hand on how to do a REAL run
  • Module walkthroughs
    • Re-do, at any time, module walkthroughs
    • Learn how to master the Headers, Images and Videos module with in-depth interactive step-by-step guides
  • Copy page as nested Spintax
    • One-click to copy the visible articles as nested Spintax
    • Less click-to-tick


  • Dark mode improved
    • Easier on the eyes
    • More visually consistent
    • Cooler 😎
  • Word count UI changed
    • Easier to understand
    • Takes less space
  • Better approximate word-count for pages
    • Understand your pages better
  • Drag-and-reorder RAW template variables
    • Choose what order (or priority) your template inputs have
  • Improved subscription-management portal


  • Fixed various RAW template bugs
  • More robust hidden/shown functionality
  • Betten generation algorithm
  • Fixed a few timed Redirect bugs


  • "Regenerate" modules is now "Re-apply"

…phew. I'm already tired from typing all that up, and that's not even all of it. Stay tuned for more in-depth changelog and help-center entries about these features!