Menterprise 1.6.0

G'day all, today we've just released our second major release of Menterprise 🍾

As per the 'ushe, we'll gradually (over the next week or so) create dedicated change-log and help center posts about the new features, but for now I'll summarize them here:


  • Automatic Scraping

    • Automatically scrape headers, images and videos when you generate pages
    • 6 clicks down to 1
    • Just toggle "AUTO" on the module and it'll do the rest for you
  • Image Scraping Validation & HTTPS

    • Menterprise now validates all images scraped to ensure your images are correct
    • Automatically removes 404, 403 or other invalid images for you
    • Optionally enable Force HTTPS to force images to use HTTPS and remove those that don't (plus, Google loves HTTPS!)
  • Copy & Export Modules

    • Export headers, images, videos, links, keywords as Spintax to your clipboard or .csv
    • Save videos as embed URLs in Spintax or .csv formats
  • Store Header Templates in the Cloud

    • One-click save and two-click load, all within the Headers module
    • Store up to 50* at a time


  • Copy spun titles moved to Export > Spun Titles (see above)


  • Image/Video Scraping now scrapes a more correct number
  • Certain characters scraped were breaking pages, especially when scraping contracts
  • A few bugs in the Sandbox

Wham. Another version bites the dust - and we're not slowing down! We've got more cool stuff planned in the further 1.6.x updates, so stay tuned 😉

* Header Template storage holds the same as Past Generations Storage. Example: Lite stores 2 and Extreme stores 50.