Menterprise 1.7

G'day all, today we've released our third major update of Menterprise! We've been quiet these last two months as we've been developing our top-secret new product (šŸ¤«). This update is one of many planned that adds improvements that are in the queue or will directly integrate with said top-secret product.

Due to our recent increase in server capacity, processing power and storage, we can finally introduceā€¦ Past Generations 2.0


  • Past Generations 2.0
    • Save modules WITH your past generations
    • Edit, rename, remove past generations
    • Change modules and re-sync them with content on the cloud
    • Load with or without overriding your modules
    • More
  • SERP Domain/Country Favourites
    • Favourite certain domains or countries in the Generation Options
    • They'll sort to the top for easy access
    • Great for users who create content in different languages/countries


  • Added the ability to disable capitalisation of header keywords to the Headers module, good for shortcodes


  • The Keyword module had a few issues for certain users, now resolved
  • Various artefacts creeping into the content
  • Typos