MPSS 2.0

Menterprise Publishing Spintax Syntax (MPSS) (doesn't exactly roll of the tongue, but at least it rhymes) is getting an overhaul again. We're constantly improving it, and adding more MPSS features to Content as well, so here's the latest upgrades!

Introducing: Variables, Static Variables and Ignore Tags! Each of these can be used as much or as little as you like. Here's how to use them:



(since 1.0) Variables contain spintax, or anything else. The value is then used wherever the variable is used, and then spun. Menterprise Content uses this to reduce the size of spintax by changing re-used spintax to variables.


Define: [=spin]{My|Your} {Awesome|Great} Spintax[/spin]

Use: [#spin]


Example 1


[=spin]{My|Your} {Awesome|Great} Spintax[/spin]


<h1>My Great Spintax</h1>
<h2>your Awesome Spintax</h2>



Static Variables

Unlike normal variables, Static Variables are spun once and then repeated. This is great for things like cities or locations, where you want your content to talk about the same thing consistently.


Define: [@=city]{New York|Boston|DC}[/spin]

Use: [@city]


Example 1


[@=city]{New York|Boston|DC}[/spin]
<h1>All About [@city]</h1>
Content about [@city]
<h2>Top Things to Do In [@city]</h2>


<h1>All About New York</h1>
Content about New York
<h2>Top Things to Do In New York</h2>

Notice it's all New York? Because @city was spun out to New York once, and then used  each time. If you were to spin it again, you may get DC or Boston, but every occurance would be the same. Hence, it's "static".



Ignore Tags

Put in stuff you don't want spun. Super useful for Javascript code with curly braces {}.


[!ignore] stuff [/ignore]


Example 1

Input: [!ignore]My Title | The Best[/ignore]

Normal spintax (non-MPSS): [!ignore]My Title

MPSS: My Title | The Best

Example 2

Input: [!ignore] t = { k: true }; if(t.k){ alert('hi!') } [/ignore]

Normal spintax (non-MPSS): [!ignore] t = k: true ; if(t.k) alert('hi!') [/ignore]

MPSS: t = { k: true }; if(t.k){ alert('hi!') }

Alright! That's it for now. We're really excited about the opportunities MPSS can bring. We finally have the freedom to provide the ultimate experience (because we develop both platforms!)