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Menterprise news

New Replacer Module





After much demand, we've introduced the Replacer module! Delete words, parts of words, replace words, replace parts of words + more.


Use this to replace or remove brandnames, phone numbers, website URLs, product names, or literally anything else:

Leverage HTML or Spintax to incorporate bolds, italics or {spin|tax} as replacements for words:

MRS (Menterprise Replacement Syntax)

(the) – Deletes the word "the"
the – Deletes any occurance of "the" (i.e together -> toger)
(dog):cat – Replaces all "dog" words with "cat"
dog:cat – Replaces any occurance of "dog" (i.e dogmatic -> catmatic)

Protip: You can use plain text, HTML, Spintax or Spintax with HTML as replacements.
i.e, using the code (fruit):<b>{apples|banana|oranges}</b> below, we would get:


Can I get a bowl of fruit?


Can I get a bowl of apples?