Past Generations 2.0

Saving, loading, renaming and removing are now all possible with the new-and-improved Past Generations system.

Load with or Without Modules

Choose to keep the modules you have now, or use the ones stored in the cloud. 9d2899fcfaa70d52c1b1dbafd0200760.gif

Rename for Easier Access

Change the name of your past generation to keep track of all your runs. ab496189947d6679e612f2d8ef076559.gif

Re-upload Module Changes

Change modules and upload them again - come back at any time and they'll be there. c683c7dbdbe332a8b453de0bb942361a.gif

… and load the new version


We are really happy to announce this feature. This has been a goal of ours for a while, but required storage we didn't have until recently. Thanks to our loyal users for getting us this far! 🥂