Publishing 0.3.7

G'day all, today we're adding some seriously smart feature to both platforms that we hope will make things easier and faster (also fixing bugs along the way)!


  • MPSS (Menterprise Publishing Spintax Syntax)
    • Automatically reduces size of Spintax by up to 80%+
    • Integrates directly with Menterprise Content (see post here)
    • Since it's smaller, less freezing and faster copying
  • In-Platform Domain-to-Domain Transfer
    • With two clicks transfer all posts, categories and subdomains to another domain
    • Automatically updates and retains linking to-and-from original domain
    • You can transfer multiple domains' data to a single domain (if needed)


  • Pages without linking opportunities were 404-ing, now fixed

Thanks to our users who suggested these and of course for finding the bugs we've fixed 😊