Menterprise news
Menterprise news

Publishing 0.5.3

G'day all, some further MPSS integration and bugfixes today!


  • Custom snippets Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 8.07.09 am.png
    • Add snippets to your content to control what shows up in the TLDR of a post
    • Great for SEO as the snippets show up in the meta on Google (and others)
    • Add in keywords, campaign/site variables, MPSS variables, all custom (and live)!
  • MPSS¹ in campaign titles
    • Use normal or static variables in the titles based on the content selected
    • Automatically generates the slug including these variables too
    • Keeps the static variables consistent between the title and the article


  • New chat window security has been implemented
  • Fixed a bug when featuring www and redirecting it resulting in a loop

¹ Note, the MPSS in campaign titles is only for variables, static variables and ignore variables. It does not yet support pick variables.