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G'day all! Major table overhaul today, plus some bug fixes and tweaks. This is quite a big update, so if you spot any bugs please let us know!


  • Table Filtering

    • Add multiple filters for each column
    • Many filters available, including starts with, ends with, contains etc
    • Supports all tables
    • Located on the right of the search bar Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 2.00.24 pm.png
  • Better Table Multi-Sorting

    • By default tables are now filtered simply by column, but pressing CTRL or CMD lets you select multiple columns to filter!
    • Less confusing for users new and old
  • Customise Table Columns

    • Select what columns to show or hide
    • Re-order them to suit your needs
    • Automatically saves settings per-table
    • Located on the top-right-side of the table Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 2.03.27 pm.png
  • Bulk Actions UI + Bulk Delete Pages

    • Bulk actions are now more streamlined
    • Combine with filters and searching for ultimate control!
    • More bulk actions coming soon
    • Located on the right of the search bar
    • + Bulk delete pages when viewing a campaign's pages Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 2.06.08 pm.png
  • Dark Mode finally arrives!

    • Easier on the eyes
    • Cooler 😎
    • Same as Menterprise Content's Dark Mode
    • Located in the user menu, top-left Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 9.13.52 pm.png
  • (Bonus) Table Help dialog

    • For quick tips click the Help icon on the bottom-left of tables
  • (Bonus) Update dot for feature changes

    • Look out for a blue dot for info on features that change ;)


  • Cleaned up the UI and layout of dashboard
  • Publish over day ranges now make sense! *
  • Subdomain creation using Variable XREF now supports double brackets [[ and ]] bringing it in line with all other Publishing variables (still supports old single-bracket style)
  • Tables are now more client-based for speedier searching, sorting and filtering
  • Destination groups now default the colour for better UX


  • Campaign content parts were having some errors and weren't reporting their issues well enough
  • Tags were not searchable after database migration

* The new "Publish over" field now calculates the range based on all tiers, not individually. This was previously confusing for users as it's not obvious.